Research Methodology in Information Technology

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The following table outlines the 16-weeks course agenda and the assignments. Students will additionally participate in weekly seminar in Research Groups (will be held every Friday at 13.00), which are not noted here

Research Methodology in Information Technology


1 Introduction
2 Steps in the Process of ResearchIdentifying a hypothesis and/or research problem, specifying a purpose, creating research questionsReviewing literatureEthics of research and informed consent Article Review: Choose one paper and make review
3 Introduction to Qualitative ResearchEssence of Qualitative Data SamplingCollection Techniques:-Biography-Phenomenology-Grounded Theory-Ethnography-Case Study Identifying Qualitative Research Problems from Film “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”Presentation for GROUP 1 about the Qualitative Research (points are available )<——————
4 Interpreting Qualitative DataQualitative Data Analysis Procedures Qualitative Research Study ReviewPresentation for GROUP 2
5 Introduction to QuantitativeResearch Essence of Quantitative Data

Collection and Analysis Techniques

Article Review: Choose one paper and make reviewDo not use PROCEDIA!Presentation for GROUP 3
6 Sampling ConceptsDefining the Target Population

Representative Sample

Potential Consequences of Unrepresentative Sampling (Gaming the System)

Over Representative Subgroups / Weighting

Design Effect

Sampling Methods (Cluster, Stratified, Simple Random)

Article Review: Choose one paper and make reviewPresentation for GROUP 4 (points are available )<——————
7 Introduction to Applied StatisticsIdentifying the dependent and independent variablesConfidence levels

Math that manipulates data

Descriptive StatisticsSummarizing and describing a collection of dataUnivariate and bivariate analysis

Mean, mode and standard deviation

Percentages and Ratios


Identifying randomness and uncertainty in data

Presentation for GROUP 5

(points are available above)

9 Introduction to Mixed MethodsResearch Advantages

Design Components

Explanatory Mixed Methods Framework


Explaining Mixed Methods

Presentation for GROUP 6

10 References Citation Style: Collecting more than 10 citation styles and explain it!

Presentation for GROUP 7

11 Research Instrument Explaining about research instrument

Presentation for GROUP 8

12 Group discussion & consultation for research proposal
13 Writing About Quantitative Findings Draft Final Research Paper for Peer Review
14 Writing About Qualitative & Mixed Findings Peer Review Two Other Students’ Papers
15 Applying Research in the Information technology Final Research Proposal (individual assignment!)



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