Introduction to Geo-information (Undergraduate School)

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The following table outlines the 16-weeks course agenda and the assignments. Students will additionally participate in weekly seminar in Geoinformatics Research Center (will be held every Friday at 13.00 pm), which are not noted here.

1 Introduction Assignment: Write article about GIS-hand writing only!
2 History of GIS & The Nature of Geo-information
3 Tour of GIS Maps & What is Geographical Knowledge Self-learning: Download QuantumGIS & install
4 Map Structures and Attributes: Raster Self-learning: Download GRASS GIS, install, and learn how to use

Assignment: Write article about Topology in GIS-hand writing only!

5 Map Structures and Attributes: Vector Vector exploration in Quantum GIS

Assignment: Write article about coordinate system-hand writing only!

6 Making Maps (Scale; Projection; Coordinate System) Making Maps in Quantum GIS
7 Vector based spatial analysis Create feature classes, vector data editing, geocoding, location query, and overlay
9 Introduction to Global Positioning Systems Field work: Using GPS

Assignment: Write article about GPS-hand writing only!

10 Introduction to Remote Sensing Collecting Data and multi-bands image composition
11 Raster based spatial analysis Map algebra, surface analysis, raster-vector conversion, geo-referencing
12 Introduction to WebGIS Prepare final project presentation (PowerPoint)
13 Introduction to ArcGIS explore visualization options, create visual outputs for final project
14 Geospatial applications and perspectives write final project report (5-8 pages text, 12 point font, double-space; 10-20 pages total including tables, figures, citation and appendix)
15 Project Oral Presentation Final project report due

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