Working with Sentinel-1 SAR data for Lombok earthquake rapid assessment

Lombok Island located in the far-eastern part of Java Island just hit by the large scale earthquake in the early August of 2018 (the second strike).

I am interest in the impact of the earthquake within the affected areas. For rapid assessment I am working with Sentinel-1 SAR datasets of Lombok Island for acquisition date 30 July 2018 and 11 August 2018.

Four main steps were developed to generate the displacement map of Lombok Island, that is:

  1. S1-TOPS Split for faster computing time
  2. InSAR processing using Graph in SNAP Software
  3. DinSAR processing using Graph in SNAP Software
  4. Displacement measurement

The final result then exported into KML format and open in Google Earth is as shown in Figure below. There is uplift of the affected area up to 29 cm in the northern part (visualized in blue colour). While land subsidence is up to 15 cm in the southern part of Lombok Island (visualized in red colour). The white colour visualized the unaffected area or there is no land displacement, especially in the center part.

Displacement map of Lombok Island generated using DinSAR interferometric algorithm. Disclaimer: This is not validated in the field

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