Sentinel 5P: Monitoring the atmospheric condition

The availability of cutting-edge sensor today makes the monitoring of atmospheric condition become easier than before. The Copernicus program of European now provides Sentinel 5P TROPOMI (TROPOspheric Monitoring Instrument) with so many product type and level. For detail please refer to their data products (available here

I tried to learn and visualize the data of Sentinel 5P (L2_NO2 – Level 2 of Nitrogen Dioxide) using Panoply (available here: and save the image as KMZ to make it able to overlay with another dataset.

To download the data of Sentinel-5P L1B and L2 data are available for download from the following URL: Please login using >> s5pguest:s5pguest.

The result is as shown in Figure below. It is shown that Jakarta produced the higher amount of NO2 compared to another region.

Tropospheric vertical column of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) at western part of Indonesia. Acquisition date: 24 July 2018.

If we zoom deeper, we will get more detail information. Where Jakarta Megapolitan dan Cilegon Industrial Area is producing a higher amount of NO2 in the western part of Java Island, Indonesia.

Nitrogen dioxide of Jakarta Megapolitan and Cilegon Industrial Area. Acquisition date: 24 July 2018.

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