Seeing the unseen: Forest fire through optical satellite-based imagery

The forest fire is a very common event during summer and it is very difficult to monitor since its produced huge amount of smoke.

Sentinel-2 with its SWIR band provides beneficial opportunity to monitor and map the forest fire.

The figures below shows the location of forest fire event captured in November 2017 on the west coast of United States. RGB combination of SWIR, Red, and NIR provide the clear location of fire within the image, compared to the natural color composite bands.

Natural Color. We can see nothing.
SWIR-Red-NIR composite bands. Now we can see the unseen, fire. Fire locations are shown in light orange color within the center of the image.

This information could provide the forest fireman with the full information of the fire and could handle the fire faster and saver. The information about the size, location (longitude, latitude, and altitude), accessibility, and distance will be available after classification or post-processing work.



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