Land surface temperature of Great Megapolitan Jakarta and northern part of West Java, Indonesia

This map 100% generated using open source remote sensing and gis software, GRASS for imagery processing and Quantum GIS for cartography design.

The highest temperature recorded on Great Megapolitan Jakarta on 12 October 2013 is ~37.7 degree Celsius, while in the northern part of West Java Province is ~33.5 degree Celsius. In the urban environment, the building density play a main role regarding the surface temperature (read F. Ramdani & P. Setiani, 2013)

LST Jakarta
Land surface temperature of Great Megapolitan Jakarta and northern part of West Java, Indonesia

The land surface temperature (LST) in this map is not air temperature but land cover temperature. This is the effective at-satellite temperature of the viewed Earth-atmosphere system under an assummption of unity emissivity and using pre-launch calibration constant (available in metadata MTL.txt file)

Every object on the earth surface emitted thermal energy rather than reflected, the OLI 8 sensor allows to acquire, display, and interpret the thermal properties of the Earth`s surface.

The map above was produced from band 10 and band 11 of sensor OLI 8, we used average value of LST from the both bands. The two bands have 100 m spatial resolution.

Sensor OLI 8 save the image in the digital numbers (DNs), the DNs values of each bands were scaled from the absolute radiance measure to byte values prior to media output using the gain and bias (offset) values given for each band. The DNs values then can be converted back to the radiance units using the radiance scaling factor (see url

Once the DNs for the thermal bands have been converted to radiance values, it is simply a matter of applying the inverse of the Planck function to derive temperature values. (also see url


1.For anyone interested using GRASS to convert DN into Radiance or Reflectance can see the following url

2. To use QuantumGIS for cartography design, please visit this url


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