Onagawa Hospital, Oshika District, Miyagi Prefecture

Tohoku will not trapped in time!

The red star shown the location of hospital in Onagawa, Oshika District, Miyagi Prefecture, which was damaged by the tsunami. The massive tsunami devastated the lower floors of the former hospital but the upper floors were saved. However, the tsunami wave heights in the first floor was reach 1.9m (photo), while the elevation of the hospital is ~23 masl. Means the massive tsunami wave heights was about ~25 masl in this area.

Now, it has been renovated and part converted into a residential and care home for the elderly. The reconstruction was made possible by donations from Switzerland. The former hospital has been given a housing wing with 42 units for elderly, long-term residents and a section with 19 beds for general medical care.

Source: F. Ramdani. Earth Science Department, Grad. School of Science. Tohoku University. Field Work 3 February 2013

Onagawa Hospital
Onagawa Hospital

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