Miyagi adventure series:Rifu to Tagajo

Rifu to Tagajo tracking route map

In this series of Miyagi adventure, I introduce you with the historical path of Tagajo castle site.

The population of Tagajo in year 2010 is 63,256 with population density 3,220/km2 in the 19.64 km2 designated administration area.

The Tagajo castle site is where the capital and the defense department of Michinoku (Tohoku currently) region were located, played an important role as the base for expeditions and operations, along with Akita Castle in the Dewa region (Yamagata and Akita Prefectures currently).

Tagajo is one of the three oldest monuments in Japan, and was erected in the year 762A.D. Tagajo functioned as the capital until the Nanboku-cho era (1336-1392). The remains site have been developed into a historical park currently.

Tagajo region was suffered by 869 Jogan Sanriku earthquake followed by tsunami, archaeological investigations have identified the remains of 8th and 9th century buildings beneath the present town, covered by old sediments. On March 11, 2011, this area suffered again by Great Tohoku Earthquake

This historical tracking route will very beautiful in April when Sakura blossom [at point 2], on May when the flower blossom [at point 3]. Momiji will show in November to December [at point 1], while the traditional house [at point 4] and Tohoku History museum [at point 5] open whole the year, this museum introduces traditional culture of Tohoku, centering the history of Tohoku from the Paleolithic Period to modern times.

If you want to try this path, don’t hesitate to contact me 😉



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