Application of satellite-derived surface temperature analysis

As in my previous post, I’ve been showed you how to derived surface temperature using band62 (high gain) of Landsat7 ETM+, in this post I would like to let you know the application of satellite-derived surface temperature.

In geographical analysis we believe there are no one place on the earth with the exactly similar characteristics! So, one approach to understanding the dynamic-change earth is analyse the surface temperature. There are so many application of satellite-derived surface temperature in Remote sensing, below is some case I list for you:

1. Urban heat island, one of the most famous application is “the hot points” of the urban settings, and related to the urban surface characteristics and land use type.

2. Vegetation stress in agriculture, we can analyse and predict the harvest condition (gross primary production of some plants)

3. Vegetation parameter to understanding and predicting the run-off and soil erosion

4. Regional water stress and drought assessment

5. Identification of volcanic activity

6. Habitat classification, suitability, and changed trend in ecosystem analysis

7. Earthquake that induced thermal anomalies, however this is still premature study, we need more research for this application, you can find full article here

All application I mentioned above are applications of satellite-derived surface temperature in land, not on water/sea surface



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