‎7 things, the future of GIS: Now happening

As I wrote in my another homepage (click here for details) about the future of GIS, one of the future thing is now happening. For a simple case is written here, where peoples without any basic theory or understanding about Geographical Information System can do GIS without any cost, totally free!

Article above gave us a sample map about what was happened in England’s riots, when poverty was has correlation with. You can access the map from this link

Correlation between poverty and riot in London, England

However, if we want to make Indonesian people more concern about their environment or how to make their government work for them, it is little bit difficult because lack of internet access and information/spatial data unavailable.

Now, I am working to compile all my satellite image, coverage whole over Indonesia, and in the future I would like make it available and easy to access. And make people understand about their environment, understand the consequences, consider to make action, and force the government work for them!


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