Expansion of remote sensing research

Nowadays, technology continues to grow, even beyond the estimates that have been previously calculated, including remote sensing technology.

Expansion beyond the scope of remote sensing technolgy that I think before, I thought that this technology is to monitor the earth’s surface and the content in the earth, but now includes the building of man-made constructions (http://www.slideshare.net/giorgiobarsacchi/ibisl-ibisl-an-innovative-solution-for-remote-monitoring-of-displacements-on-slopes-and-structures), previously, I only use it to see the pattern of land use land cover change only, but now it is able to predict future land use with high precision, resources management and habitat assessment (http://www.clarklabs.org/products/Land-Change -Modeling-IDRISI.cfm), monitor climate change and to model future trends (http://clarklabs.org/about/Clark-Labs-Unveils-IDRISI-Selva.cfm), and even calculating the volume change of the earth and earthquake prediction by only using UAVs (http://www2.cr.chiba-u.jp/mrsl/coestartup.html)

As a simple conclusion, it may be said that the movement of world changes more quickly and dynamically, and technology continues to adapt for a better earth managements. And the most important thing we should do as a researcher in the future are (if we choose to making career outside Indonesia, but still want to contribute to developing Indonesia): 1. internship program to up-grade the skills of domestic young scientist in our institution; 2. establishment of representative office in Indonesia to get smart at young scientists; 3. popularize appropriate technologies to increase community involvement in sustainable earth management; 4. If you decide to back home, please consider to be a political leader such as Governor or even President!


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