Bandung’s surface temperature

If you are living in Bandung City from the late 1990s to present, I am sure you have been experienced the temperature is increasing by time ;).. so, to give you the proved, I just did some satellite imagery processing to know the spatio-temporal of Bandung’s surface temperature from year 1999, 2006, and 2010

The final result of 2010s surface temperature is not good enough, due to SLC-Off of Landsat 7 ETM+, I did some algoritmh using 4 scenes with different time acquisitions.

If you carefully see in the north Bandung, the development has been incresing since 1999 to the present time, you lost most of your trees! you lost your water body in the southern area!, you lost your urban green space in the center of Bandung! it’s mean you lost the quality of urban life..and in the near future you will lose everythings you have..:(

Do you still ignore this situation? in your own city? Hmmm,..bad choice I think, you should take action NOW! or it will be late to do anything more to save the city

Now, I’m waiting email from USGS to provide me Bandung’s imagery in year 1989..we will see is there any different situation?

And, here it is the situation of Bandung in 1989

Land use land cover in 1989
Surface Temperature in 1989


  1. Rebelious,

    this is the technique:
    A. convert band 6 of Landsat TM5 digital number (DN) to spectral radiance
    >> radiance = gain * DN + offset
    gain and offset is available in metadata file (.txt or .met)

    B. convert spectral radiances to absolute temperatures (Kelvin)
    >> T = K2/ln(K1/L_1 +1))

    1. for TM5 >> K2=1260.56 ; K1=607.76 (Barsi et al, 2003)
    2. Radiometric correction should be taken first!
    3. When interpreting the result, Stefan-Boltzman equation is needed
    4. You can use ILWIS or GRASS Open Source software to apply the algorithm

    have a nice try 😉

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