Snow, welcome to Sendai


Saturday, 7.50 Japan Standard Time, December 25, 2010..When I woke up usual I always love can also enjoy snow fall from my balcon at second floor, Sendai International House.

click here for facebook user and here if you want to see from youtube


from my house at second floor

The lowest average temperature in winter season in Sendai is -4 degree Celsius. From the late December till February. It will be increase in the late of March, in April we can see Chery blossom (Sakura, national flower of Japan). The driest weather is in January, and the wettest is in September.  One type of precipitation is snow fall, in Sendai there are 113 days per year with more than 0,1 mm of  precipitation or less more 9 days with a quantity of rain or snow. For details about weather in Sendai I give you table below, shown graph about weather in Sendai in whole single year.


Sendai weather (Source:


These photos below  was taken in front of my house, last winter in December, 2009



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