Spring Valley, Izume Gatake, Miyagi


Insyaallah we are form Indonesians Students Association in Sendai, will go to ski on next Tuesday, December 28, 2010.

For details information about this site, you can use this website http://www.springvalley.co.jp/winter/ski.html..such as for ski equipment and others information needed.

But, for spatio-information, you can use my personal web-blog..enjoy..

From Sendai eki we will use subway, it will take about 26 minutes (fare ticket: 290 yen) from Sendai eki to Izumi chuo eki.

A-B: Subway route. B-C: Sendai City Bus route
Elevation profile from Izumi chuo station to Spring Valley

From Izumi chuo, we will take bus from bus stop no. 10. It will take about 1 hour to Spring Valley ski site (fare ticket: 1000 yen, but it is totally free for free pass bus card student holder). It’s more than 20 km from Izumi chuo station to  Spring Valley ski site. We will through roads with maximum slope about 20%..with beautiful landscape surrounding the road network.. Spring Valley ski site situated in Izumi Gatake range mountains, about 700 meters above sea level.

Spring Valley site
Spring Valley ski site in 3 Dimension view

This video show us the shortest ski tracking route in Spring Valley ski site, it’s about 950 meters from the top to down hill..this track is quite easy compare with Zao or another ski site around Miyagi Prefecture..it is suitable for new comer in this “cold-tired” sport..the maximum slope is about 37%

track or click here and here for facebook user

Hopefully you will enjoy this trip..Let’s play skiiii!!!

the shortest skiing route

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