Vegetation Covered, Depok, West Java

I want to share my analysis in WorldView-2 satellite imagery, using false color and TCT (Tasseled Cap Transformation) to verify the actual condition of vegetation covered in Depok City, West Java.

We can see from the figure that the vegetation only concentrated in campus area, but surrounding the urban environment, vegetation covered and open-land for water cathment is very poor. Even along river side, the flood plain is not width enough to prevent from flood event.

Acqusition date: February 10, 2010. Software used: ENVI 4.7. Source: DigitalGlobe

After statistic calculation, vegetation covered for Depok city in this scene is less then 20%. Water catchment in campus area could not handle alone for heavy rainfall. We can see from the next picture from, when the flood event was happen in last Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We should share more about our knowledge for better environment condition, to make  inhabitants minds change from careless to more care about their actual environment condition, share with people in Depok city using geospatial information and make some clash action to local government due to poor management of environment. I believe, in the near future, if the condition still doing like present, it will be worst . Whole Mega city (JABODETABEK) region will be experiencing huge and width inundation!

Let’s do something shock them! Let’s do now! or it will be too late!!


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