How Japanese Geographer contribute to his region; case in prevent from landslide


Indonesia is country of disaster, Miyagi-sensei told me yesterday. After warm discussion with him, famous geomorphologist in Tohoku Region. I learned much about landslide and how his contribution.

How ever, Japanese government already published the vulnerability map of landslide, but the accuracy is too low. He has been try to updated this map using simple variable; heavy rainfall and earthquake event.

I asked him about the driving forces, I divided two types of driving forces. Historical force and natural force. He was agree, but it’s still need more research to verify my theory.

This figure below show us the earthquake event induce landslide in Kurihara-shi, Miyagi-ken, Tohoku Region, Japan

Earthquake induce landslide

Another figure show us how the earthquake induce landslide in this region. It was happened on Saturday morning, June 14, 2008 with magnitude 7.2

Massive materials moved, looking for stabilize condition

They have learned and now try to minimizing the impact of this natural disaster. Even they do not know when, but they well prepared for this. This figure below show us how they prepared very well for landslide event

Geo-engineering construction for prevent landslide

In general, landslide could be triggered by bad weather (heavy rainfall) and earthquake event. Factors that could be induce such as slope and the origin of soil (geologic), vegetation covered, and ground water condition. For details information about landslide in Japan, please refer to this site


Hopefully, Indonesia geo-scientist and government, learn and implemented scientific work from this case.

”Probably we could not avoid from disaster, but I believe we can manage and prevent  it”




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  1. yeah, hopefully Indonesia will find out how to prevent this btw thanks for all the information I learned a lot from your blog, i like the way you tell the reader so brief but full of knowledge [thumbs up] 🙂

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