How to manage layer in Global Mapper


For Global Mapper (GM) user ever once in a while have to manage to many layers in one project, it’s seem to difficult at first, but I will give you simple way how to manage many layers in GM.

In this sample I used many ASTER DEM 30m that covered Sumatera island, Malaysia peninsular, and Java island. But, I just want to use Citarum upperstream to make 3D (dimension) visualization of the Citarum watershed area. My ASTER DEM 30m doesn’t has file name with  “Citarum watershed”, so I have to open all of ASTER DEM 30m file to now where is my study area.

How to open all ASTER DEM 30m file

1. first, open your GM software, and directly select “Open your own data file” or File > open data file

2. Select all data, with shift+ (first file – last file), use your mouse for this step. Click open

3. Select “Yes to all” to specify all ASTER DEM 30m are DEM file

4. Open .shp file “watershed area”.

5. Zoom to selected layer. Right click and select “Zoom to selected layer”, in this case select “sub_watershed.shp”

How to now your study area

6. Hide all off screen layer.  Right click and select “Hide all off screen layer”

How to close all un-used layers

7. Right click and select “Close all hidden layer”

And finally you’ll get a simple project with simple layer and spatial database

It’s so simple and easy..let your self try these steps with your own spatial data..


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