Image Rectification (Georeferencing) using Global Mapper


Now we will do image rectification (georeferencing) using Global Mapper..

Global Mapper will automatically ask you with this window, when you open your image file without any references. Or you could use the File->Rectify Imagery menu command to enter the coordinates of several points on that image.


If you don’t have any reference image, you could open Google Earth to know it’s coordinate. How??, just click add placemark button on the toolbar. Move it to the 4 corners of airport  runway to get the coordinates.

get the coordinate from Google Earth

Input the coordinate to the image rectifier window (X/Easting/Longitude; Y/Northing/Latitude), and click “Add GCP to list”, just zoom in or zoom out to find the best place of GCP (note: same with reference image from Google Earth) GM will ask you to enter GCP (Ground Control Point Name). Before that, you could select your control point projection with click “Select Projection..”. Do same process, until you get minimum 4 GCP. After all, just click “Apply” and “OK”

Input GCP in Global Mapper (red point)
rename your GCP
select your projection
input another GCP
after all, just click apply->ok

If you want to export your image to another format, just click File->Export Raster or Elevation Data->GeoTIFF (if you want to get .tiff format)

Alhamdulillah. Welldone, you’ve just finish your short course with Global Mapper.. 🙂




  1. Asalamu alaikum,

    Akhi thank you for the beneficial information, this helped me figure out a problem that I was having.

    Thanks again.

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