Rawa Danau Nature Reserve, Banten

3D view
3D view


Rawa Danau Nature Reserve is conservation forest region that manage by Serang Region Conservation Section III, Natural Resources Conservation, West Java. Forestry Department based on Government Besluit (GB) No. 60 Statblad 683, November 16, 1921. with 2500 ha coverage area. Administrative coverage Kecamatan Padarincang, Kecamatan Gunungsari, dan Kecamatan Mancak, Serang Regency, Banten Province. Rawa Danau Nature Reserve is endemic region and the last mountain swamp situs in Java island, even in the world.

thanks to Andy and Oki, student at Dept. Geography, Univ. of  Indonesia for permit me to upload all these pictures. Rawa Danau Nature Reserve is they study area for they final project.

dscf33492dscf33301dscf33501dscf33583dscf34003dscf3407dscf3431dscf34381dscf34402dscf3439if you want to come here just for refreshing or research, feel freely to contact me via email. There’s to much things here, that we must explore for our better future, for this small planet.



  1. What’s your email? I interest to know rawa danau deeply.. but when i see this post, its almost 10 years ago.. hmm hope you can help me

  2. Hi! Sorry for the very late reply. It’s been long time since I learn about Rawa Danau. Drop your email to fatwaramdani[at]ub.ac.id for discussion.

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