Remote Sensing (Mapping System for high resolution aerial photo, survey & monitoring) core business. What we can do next in 2009?


2009, new line, new distance, new challenge…

Mapping industry, now could take better position in huge business..I’ll explore what we can do for a better future..

Rock of Gibraltar Gibraltar GeoEye-1 .50-meter resolution Collected December 1, 2008
Rock of Gibraltar Gibraltar GeoEye-1 .50-meter resolution Collected December 1, 2008

Scientific and technical achievements of recent years in the area of space vehicles, technologies for processing, storage, interpretation and usage of acquired data many times extended the range and scope of tasks to be solved by satellite Earth remote sensing (ERS). The number of data consumers is growing, the space survey data are widely used not only for scientific and practical purposes but also in the daily life. Up-to-date ERS space vehicles operate on orbit, including optical-electronic vehicles of unparalleled super resolution such as WorldView-1 (50 cm) and GeoEye-1 (41 cm), radar satellites — TerraSAR-X, Cosmo-SkyMed, Radarsat-2. The constellation of 5 RapidEye satellites launched in August 2008 in terms of its performance specifications opens up fresh opportunities in the on-line space monitoring.

The growing volume of the ERS data market and increase in the number of users gave rise to brand new services providing for multi-user access to the data. These are first of all ImageConnect and ImageBuilder services. ImageConnect is a unique extension to GIS programs, which allows loading space imagery from QuickBird and WorldView-1 satellites to the user software environment directly from the operator’s archives (DigitalGlobe). MyFormosat service appeared in the past year is of special interest. It allows the customer to independently plan new surveys and acquire data from Formosat-2 high-resolution satellite. The main advantage of this service is fast response to survey orders (24 h). A MyFormosat service subscriber is provided with a unique possibility to book certain surveying capacities of the satellite.

The brand new information appeared during application of ERS data and GIS-technologies on site conditions, possibilities of space monitoring in different sectors of the national economy define the need for the system approach. Establishment of regional or industrial online space monitoring centers is a key to the complex solution of these tasks.


These are more industry we could take a place…


  • Search for properties anywhere using geographic coordinates or street-address information
  • View a location from several oblique angles
  • Access imagery from previous years for comparison purposes
  • Make measurements on imagery using tools for height, distance, elevation and roof pitch


  • Use convenient desktop and internet-based options for image retrieval
  • View multidirectional, high-resolution views of properties
  • Measure directly on oblique imagery
  • Accurately search for locations using geographic coordinates or street address information
  • Confirm property information

Real estate:

  • Search for properties across the country
  • View locations in 3D like, high-resolution detail
  • See around properties from several views, including North, South, East, West and overhead views
  • Measure directly on oblique imagery
  • Share detailed imagery of properties and neighborhoods with potential buyers
  • Utilize imagery for website, brochures and communications
  • Reduce the need for property visits, especially to properties in remote locations or to locations with difficult or restricted access
  • Take a virtual tour of a course using North, South, East, West and overhead views
  • View and measure any green, fairway, bunker or tree; calculate square footage and capacities of parking lots and roadways, and utilize elevation tools to assess drainage patterns
  • Use as a database for turf management records such as fertilization schedules, hot spots, turf repair records, insect damage and more
  • Overlay and integrate irrigation and utility information on imagery to create a comprehensive turf management tool
  • Utilize visual information for reports, websites and more


  • Measure directly on images
  • More effectively allocate resources from the convenience of a computer desktop
  • Reduce windshield time
  • Convey information more effectively in reports and presentations
  • Providing a visual record of change and development over time


  • Literally Know Before You Go, reducing travel time and associated costs
  • Shorten the time needed to make proposals and gain approval
  • Measure existing structures and calculate acreage and square footage
  • Overlay GIS and other data on imagery to mark water mains, utilities and more
  • Providing a visual record of change and development over time

Architecture and Engineering:

  • Reduce the time they spend traveling and working in the field
  • See around structures from several views (including North, South, East, West and overhead) with high resolution clarity
  • Make measurements directly on geo-referenced oblique and orthogonal imagery using our proprietary height, distance, bearing and elevation tools; calculate acreage and square footage
  • Overlay GIS and other information on imagery; integrate 2D CAD designs
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Assess terrain of potential construction sites
  • See various locations in a broader scale
  • View projects in context to the surroundings
  • Determine access routes to remote project sites
  • See all of the features that maps exclude

Crop and Plantation:

  • Crop and plantation yield estimation and take up
  • Farm and property management applications

Fritzler Corn Maze, Colorado
Fritzler Corn Maze, Colorado. GeoEye

Natural Disaster:

Environmental Studies:

Assets Recording and Identifying:

Traffic management:

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