Life from the air (2)


Again, and again, and again… Pekanbaru and Siak weather is in bad condition. Raining all day. We have to cancel flight.

Specific photographic sites present a microenvironment that must consider purpose, weather, and ground conditions. Numerous conditions should be considered in aerial photo flight planning since their influence the amount of flying time, project cost, delivery schedule, quality of photography, or accuracy of the resulting map data.

Adverse conditions in any combination of these situations can degrade the quality of the photographic image which may increase project cost, reduce mapping quality, or stretch the production schedule.

Humidity (OK)

Haze (NO)

Season (NO)

Time of Day (NO)

Site Restrictions (OK)

Film Limits (OK)

Clouds (NO)

Flight Altitude (OK)

Turbulence (NO)

Sun Angle (NO)

So, till now we couldn’t flight.

With All Crew
With All Crew

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